EVO Home Combo

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EVO Home

The EVO Home is an easy-to-use home appliance that uses electrolysis to turn water, salt and vinegar into a highly effective, all-purpose solution that cleans, disinfects and deodorizes.

The EVO Home creates a powerful, safemulti-purpose solution to replace other harmful household cleaners. Kills bacteria and viruses, cuts through grease and grime, and eliminates household odours. Safe to use throughout your home and gentle enough to use on fresh produce and kids toys.


EVO Mist Spray Bottle × 2

The EVO Mist spray bottle is a sleek and stylish spray bottle that uses patented technology to deliver a continuous, fine mist spray. So much better than just any spray bottle – this bottle is beautifully crafted and designed and is sophisticated yet fun. It’s spraying reimagined.

The effect is like an aerosol without actually being an aerosol as it contains no propellants of any kind. Rather, it’s the patented technology that allows for a consistent stream of mist to be dispensed. Each trigger produces enough mist to last several seconds, which allows you to cover large areas with ease.

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EVO Activation Solution

The EVO Home Activation Solution is a convenient pre-mixed refined salt and vinegar solution for use in the the EVO Home. Just to make using your EVO Home even easier with one simple step.

Simply add 10ml of Activation Solution to the 1 litre EVO Home pitcher. The 500ml bottle will make 50 litres of multipurpose electrolysed water.

The Activation Solution is an optional extra. You can also use your EVO Home with the supplied salt (included in the box) and shop bought white vinegar.

R249.00 R100.00


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